Linn LP12 Turntable with Linn Ittok LV II Arm and New Grado Black Cartridge


Classic and legendary table from Linn, the LP12 has been in production for decades and is one of the most customizable tables ever made. 

This one, in mostly stock form, features the venerable Linn Ittok II arm.  It also has the smoked acrylic dust cover which makes it look amazing. 

I have tuned this table to perfection using the best tools available, including a Linn tuning and spring adjustment table, Fozgometer azimuth meter, Pro-ject brand protractor, oscilloscope, and a plethora of test LP's.

Cosmetically the table is very nice considering its age. The wood finish is lush and free from significant fading or discoloration and the tonearm is intact. The cover has the usual light scratches and swirls but nothing too bad. 

Included is the table, arm, cover, Grado Black cartridge, cable, and rare Operation and Service Manuals.  One of the most complete collections we have seen. 

While the table includes a basic Grado cartridge (not the one pictured) we can fit any of the following options which will include calibration (about a 2 hr detailed process of perfectly setting and calibrating many parameters to ensure highest performance).

  1. New ClearAudio Concept  $250
  2. New Sumiko BluePoint #2  $449
  3. New Sumiko BluePoint special Evo 3 $549
  4. New ClearAudio Virtuoso V2 Ebony  $899 
  5. New Sumiko Blackbird MC  $1249
  6. Pre-Owned Van-den-hall MC10 MC Cartridge ($1500) for  $900



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