Linn Klout Amplifier, Linn's Best Amplifier Ever. 3 of 3


Very highly reviewed and regarded amplifier from Linn, employing a single pair of transistors for each channel providing the most natural amplification you will ever hear.  

Especially when paired with Linn speakers like some of our currently available offerings.  All made in the UK.

We have a total of three of these pieces currently available for purchase, which is perfect for bi-amplification or tri-amplification.  

Fully tested in our lab and driven to full power without issue. 

Cosmetically in good shape without any significant scratches. 

(We also have the Linn AKTIV crossover cards (DSP) for this amplifier)

Checkout this solid video brief from YouTube: 

Product Information Sheet - February 1999

LINN KLOUT - Stereo Power Amplifier

Provides the uncompromising power, stability and performance required to drive any loudspeaker to the highest standard of musical accuracy.

  • Two separate amplifiers in one box each with its own fully regulated and isolated power supply for the ultimate loudspeaker control and stability

  • Protection circuitry which does not limit output current. (protected against: transistor overload, instantaneous over-current, short circuit, over-temperature, over and under voltage, DC input, power supply in-rush current)

  • Advanced circuitry to maximise loudspeaker control and protect the amplifier and loudspeakers from overload

  • Three sets of speaker outputs for optimised bi-and tri-wiring upgrades or driving auxiliary loudspeakers

  • Parallel line-in/line-out connectors for ‘daisy-chained’ multi-amplifier installations

  • Remote switch-on facility to enable freedom of location and system configuration

  • Front facia bi-coloured LEDs to indicate product status

  • Massive heatsink extrusion for cool, stable performance

  • Fully screened transformer to allow hum-free stacking

  • Linn active crossover modules accommodated internally for improved playback

    performance and simple active system installation

  • Surface-mount electronics to improve heat dissipation and reliability, and provide

    optimum signal handling

  • Ultra-short signal path, which preserves music signal integrity, in a very compact package


Introduced: 1992
Type: Stereo Power Amplifier
Input Connectors: 1 Pair RCA Phono/Channel
Input Impedance: 5k Ohms
Voltage Gain: 28.5dB
Power Output: 160W/Channel/4 Ohms, 80W/Channel/8 Ohms
Speaker Connectors: 3 pairs 4mm sockets/channel
Power Consumption: 840W maximum, 25W idling
Power Supply: 100/120/220/240V +/- 10%
Size: 12.60" x 12.83" x 3.15" (W 320mm x D 326mm x H 80mm)
Weight: 24.25 lbs / 11kg

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