Linn Axis Turntable with Audio-Technica Cartridge - Serviced


The very first Axis to come through our shop. We were impressed by the features, design, and execution.

The axis has an integrated power supply with heat sinks that stick out from the back, which should help with reliability (the Achilles heel of the LP12).

Best of all it features push-button 33/45 RPM selection from the single power button. A substantial upgrade from the single-speed LP12 typically found.

This Linn is fitted with a very capable Linn Basic Plus tonearm along with a lightly used Audio-Technica MM (Moving-Magnet) phono cartridge.

You can also choose from our great Sumiko new and in-stock lineup to get a bit more out of this already great rig.

We serviced this 'table by replacing a few capacitors in the power supply known to age and fail in order to ensure long term reliability.

Your purchase also includes acrylic cover which has a decent amount of scratches just like they all do over time unfortunately :-(

Click below to add our recommended matching cables from Kimber Kable, all brand new as SkyFi is an official Kimber dealer.

Tonearm RCA + Ground Interconnects (Pair)

Kimber Kable - Base Series PK14 Power Cord



Original Box

Not Included


Not Included


Not Applicable


Yes - Power Only

Physical Condition

7 / 10

Working Condition

10 / 10

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