Legendary Quad ESL-57 Electrostatic Speakers - Unmolested Originals!


It's time to see these all original beauties go...

We've enjoyed them in my home for some time and have been continuously amazed by the delicate sweet sound they produce.

This is not a loud rock and roll speaker - heck if you play them very loud you're likely to ruin the panels! But boy can they project a natural voice, piano, or a cello realistically enough to raise hairs on the back of your neck.

These are all original survivor pair. They feature sought after bronze fireplace grills in almost perfect condition which is rare in itself. There a few dents highlighted in one of the pictures, but they are very presentable and one of the best we've seen.

The drivers work perfectly with no rattles or signs of stress. The power cords are original and the banana input jacks will allow you to use modern connectors as long as they aren't very big. The wood trim pieces on the sides look amazing.

Most audiophiles will agree there is no better speaker from this era. If you're an audiophile and haven't owned a set of these yet you owe it to yourself!

There's even a dedicated Wikipedia page to Quad electrostatic speakers with more info on the ESL-57's.

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Working Condition


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