Kimber Kable - Summit Series D-60 Digital Interconnect - RCA, BNC, or WBT Terminations - New


SkyFi Audio is proud to offer the full Kimber Kable product line as the leading official dealer in the Tri-State area.

This listing is for a Kimber Kable "Summit Series" D60 Digital Interconnect.

Available in various lengths and termination options via the drop-down options at the bottom of this listing.

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If you don't see a specific type or length listed simply contact us for a custom cable request. 

Kimber Kable - Handcrafting cables since 1979

Silver solid core center conductor for maximum conductivity.

Dual layer pure silver shielding with 100% coverage is circumferentially bonded to the connector shell for absolute immunity to noise.

An intermediate layer of un-sintered semi-conductive PTFE prevents triboelectric noise from reaching the signal path. This noise is the result of mechanical vibration which can contaminate the digital signal.

VELOCITY OF PROPAGATION: A air articulated PTFE core results in propagation velocity of 85% for vanishing low delay, essential for ultra-responsive digital signal transmission. The D60 is truly a design to PUSH EVERY BIT.

Tightly controlled 75Ω impedance.

Nitrogen assisted hand soldered termination.

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