JBL 4412 Vintage Studio Monitor Speakers in Survivor Condition - LAST PAIR Available



Plus Sound & Vision recently wrote an EXCELLENT article about these speakers from this listing! Click here to read it now.

We recently acquired a few sets of these wonderful studio speakers from a local broadcasting studio. This is the last set.

If you haven't heard a set of vintage JBL studio monitors then you're in for a nice surprise. They are full range, very articulate, and able to reproduce every bit of the recording without strain or fuss.

We refer to them as "survivor" speakers because of their physical condition. We just sanded the finish and applied a hand rubbed oil for a great original look.

Usually this model suffers from wear and tear from being passed around from person to person throughout a few generations. The cabinets end up being banged up and the drivers are often replaced with non-original units when they get blown.
Not these! Since they lived in a professional studio hung from the ceiling they remained intact. The cabinets are super clean and some of the crossover panels actually still have their original protective film on them!

The foam surrounds on the woofers will eventually fail, so we had them all redone by the best shop in the area by our friends at Miller Sound. They now look and work like new. We then tested them thoroughly in our lab and listening room to confirm they were in perfect working order.

Featuring 12" paper woofers and \*titanium\* tweeters, these were state of the art. Plus, the 89 db efficiency means you can drive them with modest tube amplifiers for a full vintage experience.

The wood finish is gorgeous, with no sunlight fading or discoloration from someone putting their drink on it. Again a by-product of studio life. Because they were wall mounted they had some holes on the back from the brackets that we plugged and sanded.

Since they were ceiling mounted we also have custom oak made mounts available if you chose to hang them. Otherwise, the mounts are removed so you can put them on stands, or on the floor. 

Please see our photos for full specifications.

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