Jadis JP200S Four Chassis Tube Preamp - All Balanced - Like New - Ultra Rare


We are pleased to present a rare opportunity to own one of the finest and most exclusive preamplifiers ever made.

All Jadis products are still handcrafted in France, while the metalwork is done in Germany.

This is the Jadis flagship "Symmetrical" preamp, featuring a full dual mono design with two separate external power supplies. You get a total of FOUR chassis, with TWO dedicated for each channel for the ultimate performance possible in a preamp.

This is the special and even RARER fully balanced version, meaning there are only XLR type connectors. If you have a single ended source we can supply adapters.

This came to us from a deceased collector and extreme audiophile that was in the process of assembling a very complex reference Jadis system comprised of over *20* components!

If you'd like to assemble a complete NOS Jadis system, please contact us as we have enough stock for several systems. Click here to view all of our currently listed Jadis pieces.

This item can ship worldwide carefully packed in its original boxes on a pallet.

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Kimber Kable - XLR Interconnects



Original Box

Yes Included


Yes Included


No Applicable


Yes - Power

Physical Condition

9 / 10

Working Condition

10 / 10

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