Jadis JF2 Tube Electronic 4-Way Crossover - 4 Chassis Dual Mono Setup Including Power Supplies


This is a Super Rare electronic active equalizer from French maker Jadis.

This might be the rarest of Jadis pieces we've seen and offered to date! We cannot find a single piece of information online for them.

We think they were originally designed to be used with the Jadis Eurythmie speakers, but they'll work with any other 4-way design. They have provisions for 4 drivers including Low, Mid Low, Mid High, and High. They are also super easy to use and setup.

This is a four chassis dual mono setup. with each left and right unit being powered by a dedicated power supply.

They look like new, and it's entirely possible they were never actually plugged in until they came into our shop.

Everything will also ship safely in their original packaging.

And if you'd like to assemble a complete NOS Jadis system, please contact us as we have enough stock for several systems. Click here to view all of our currently listed Jadis pieces.

Please click here for detailed specifics regarding our specialized packing process that separates us from the rest.



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