hORNS Symphony 13" Loudspeakers, Special Upgraded Beryllium Tweeters


We are unfortunate in that we don't see many horn speakers come through our shop. But we finally got a set and boy was it worth the wait!

**PLUS both speakers were upgraded to actual BERYLLIUM tweeters at substantial cost to the original owner. They normally ship with standard and less costly titanium tweeters.

Beryllium tweeters are legendary for producing the most detailed high frequencies possible. They're found on many of the best speakers from Focal as an example of high-end applications. 

These hORNS as simply stunning both to the ears and to the eyes.

Finished in a silky smooth high-gloss maple finish, with just the right shade of gold paint for the gorgeous horns. Makes them appear refined and progressive.

Acoustically they are capable of surreal imaging and deep powerful bass, likely due to the perfectly sized and ported cabinet housing the paper 13" woofer. 

The hORNS are fully adjustable in both output and angle, and there is single set of high quality German WBT style inputs on the back to keep things simple.

Condition is like new with no signs of use at all. We've rated them a 9/10 which we rarely use on anything we have listed.

These will be carefully wrapped, packed, and created here in our shop and ship via freight for $800 anywhere within the lower 48 US States.

Local pickup is welcome. 

These currently sell for 13,500 British pounds which converts to about about $17-$18k USD, plus shipping.

From a most excellent Stereo Times review by Mike Wright:

"I was experiencing sound that came from all around the room. The soundstage that the Symphonies replicated was wide and deep, with instrumentalists well-placed on the stage like I had not experienced before.

The room ambiance and atmosphere on live recordings seemed reproduced much more realistic than what I had been used to. The Symphonies high frequencies were rendered with a lot of airiness and detail without being remotely close to sounding bright or aggressive like I expected them to be.

The midrange breathed musical life and felt almost sonically tactile with a "reach out and touch" type of aliveness.

The Symphonies' bass performance was and surprisingly deep. I expected the lower registers to boom somewhat with a 13" driver in such a large cabinet, but there was none. The bass was tight, extended, tuneful, and impactful.

The dynamic contrasts that the Symphonies portrayed were fast, truthful, and on occasion, could sound startlingly real, especially if I had the volume turned up.

A couple of times, the Mrs. had to question if I had lost my mind. I blamed it on the speakers. Tonally, the Symphonies sounded organic and truthful.


1 × 13” coated paper

High range
1 × 2” titanium with level regulation

12dB per octave, extracted, high quality

135 litre, bassreflex, natural veneer, RAL colours

95 dB

Frequency range
35 - 20000 Hz

8 Ohms

Single wire, German WBT

Box dimensions (with horns) - EACH
23.62" x 54.33" x 22.05"
(600 x 1380 x 560)

Weight of speaker - EACH
165.35 lbs
(75 kg)



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