Grado Gold Phono Cartridge - Customized for VPI Tonearms - MI (Moving-Iron)


Here we have a very low use Grado Gold cartridge customized to fit perfectly on VPI tonearms.

Grado cartridges tend to have inconvenient mounting styles, so this mod from VPI solves the issue perfectly.

This cartridge was reviewed under a microscope in our shop to ensure it was fully intact and straight. On our specific turntable test bench it performed like new.

Technical Specifications:
Moving-iron phono cartridge

Elliptical diamond

Frequency range:
20 Hz – 60 kHz



Channel separation:
>35d B (1 kHz)

Internal resistance:
475 ohms

Recommended load:
47k ohms

Recommended downforce:
1.5 gm

5.5 gm

Check Out These Reviews:
"Big, Convincing" Soundstage
"I'd forgotten how big a Grado cartridge can sound," reports Art Dudley in the July 2009 issue of Stereophile. "The results were more convincing than I had any right to expect from such an affordable thing."

Hi-Fi Choice Award Winner
England's audiophile journal Hi-Fi Choice bestowed its prestigious "Product of the Year" award on Grado's Prestige Gold.

According to the special Awards 2003 issue of Hi-Fi Choice, "midrange is excellent, with great presence and vitality, it images well, placing instruments and voices with decent precision, and it follows complex lines with apparent ease. Bass is deep and imaging is strong - you can't ask for more at the price."

"Up The Path Toward Analog Excellence"
"While the Prestige Gold cannot provide quite the same ultra-refined, take-you-to-the-mountaintop listening experiences that big buck moving coils can, it takes you a long way up the path toward analog excellence, and for a pennies-on-the-dollar price," remarks Chris Martens in The Absolute Sound.

"The Prestige Gold's sound was readily identifiable, but after just a few seconds it didn't matter much, so engaging were the results," notes Wayne Garcia in The Absolute Sound.

AudioEnz "Best Buy"
"The Grado Prestige Gold is definitely a 'best buy' in the cartridge stakes," reports Michael Jones in the February 2002 issue of New Zealand's AudioEnz magazine. "It's cheap enough to be an impulse purchase, yet musical enough to satisfy. Very highly recommended!

Hand-built All the Way
The hand-built Gold uses a four-piece OTL cantilever technology, ultra-high purity long crystal (UHPLC) oxygen-free copper wire in the coils, and Grado's specially designed elliptical diamond mounting on a brass bushing.

A proprietary "flux-bridger" generator system requires fewer coil turns for lower cartridge mass and electrical inductance. This contributes to a frequency response to 50 kHz and beyond, plus tracking forces from one to two grams.



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