Goldmund Studietto Tangential Turntable with Grado Cartridge

We recently overhauled this classic yet sophisticated turntable, and it's now working brilliantly.

Super capable when matched with the correct cartridge, and in this case we've included the Grado M+ at no extra cost.

The tonearm is mechanically driven and controlled by a light sensor. It has push button controls for raising the tonearm, which will also raise itself at the end of the record. Perfect for those of us who sometimes listen to vinyl in the background and forget to lift when the album side is finished.

This is *not* your typical Pro-Ject or Rega compromise of a basic tonearm attached to a piece of formica. The Studietto has a well engineered sprung suspension designed to isolate vibrations and get the best out of the cartridge.

Other than a Linn LP12 we can't think of a comparable table at this price range.

Working perfectly and looking great with significant signs of use.

No dust cover is included but we can point you to a vendor that will make a nice one.

Please click here for detailed specifics regarding our specialized packing process that separates us from the rest.



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