Goldmund Reference Record Clamp - Gold Finish - With Original Box


This Goldmund record clamp had an original MSRP of $800 over 25 years ago and is highly sought after and collectible today.

Plus this comes to you in its original box!

There is only some tarnish on the gold plate from age, and the damping elastomers filling is a bit soft and tacky in the middle. We're not exactly sure but we think that's the way they were shipped originally.

The Goldmund Gold Clamp, originally designed by Georges Bernard for the Goldmund Reference Turntable, highly sought after for its “Mechanical Grounding” construction, and its exceptional sound quality.

The Goldmund Gold Clamp body is made of a special kind of brass, internally carved following a complex shape to distribute resonances, and damped by the same elastomers used for the Goldmund Cones.

The heavier weight (550g), the special shape of the contact surface, the internal deadness, the improved mechanical diode effect, everything has been made to increase dramatically its efficiency over the regular Goldmund Clamp.



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