Full Nakamichi System from the Late 1980's! STASIS PA-7 Amplifier, CA-7A Preamp, More


Please check out our Youtube video for more details on this rare and unique full Nakamichi system setup:

Your purchase includes the following four pieces:
Nakamichi PA-7 Amplifier - 200W x 2
"The word "Stasis" displayed prominently on the amplifier's front panel is a clue that it uses circuitry designed by Nelson Pass, who is responsible for the Stasis amplifiers manufactured in the U.S. by Threshold Corporation."

Nakamichi CA-7A Preamplifier
The best Nak Preamp offering dedicated MC and MM phono inputs, plus a super neat for the time period motorized volume control.

Nakamichi OMS-7AII CD Player
Featuring Dual Burr-Brown DACs - 2 x PCM54HP-K, 16 bit, 4 x oversampling - along with a frequency response of 5 Hz to 20 kHz, Dynamic range of 96 dB, and an amazingly high for the era Signal to Noise Ratio of 104 dB. (channel separation: 100 dB)

Nakamichi CR-7A Tape Deck
Super sought-after for its rare manual azimuth adjustment functionality

*We've sold every single SkyFi restored Nakamichi CR-7A Tape Deck for $4999 by itself for an idea of the special value of this package set

Nakamichi ST-7 Tuner
"Featuring digital synthesis tuner with the latest Schotz Noise Reduction technology. This revolutionary system improves effective stereo sensitivity by about 9db and lets you enjoy clean stereo on broadcasts that previously could only be received in mono."

Plus we have a Nakamichi Dragon CT Turntable also available separately as of this writing. One of only two CT's to ever enter our shop. Rare. Click here to view.

All of these pieces were thoroughly tested in our shop and listening room and are working just like they should.

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