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Epos ES-14 Speakers with Matching Stands

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Epos Es-14 Speakers With Matching Stands

Epos ES-14 Speakers with Matching Stands

SkyFi 479

Pickup currently unavailable

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EThe ES14 is considered a cult classic among audiophiles. Proac Killers. Rare and highly reviewed.

Perhaps because of the fact that they basically do not have a crossover.  Meaning that the signal goes straight from your amplifier to the drivers. Yes, the tweeter has a small capacitor in order to protect it, but that’s it.

Open up one of your speakers and take a look at the multitude of components that impede the signal. You will find coils, capacitors, resistors etc. all affecting how the drivers work and sound.

This all results in one of the cleanest speakers I’ve ever heard.

They are no slouch either as a significant amount of bass can come from these boxes. There is so much, some may chose to use the included foam port damper that comes with the units. If you’re going to place them in the corners of the room where the bass in acoustically amplified by the wall you may want to use them.

Included are a set of matching original stands that fit the speakers absolutely perfectly. They have spikes on each corner to couple the speaker tightly to the stand. They also have spikes to couple the stands to the floor and are adjustable for perfect leveling.

Acoustically the speakers are 100%. They sound amazing and all drivers work as they should. I just ran a frequency generator through them along the entire spectrum and they don’t exhibit any distortion, coloration or problems.

Cosmetically they are in amazing condition, especially considering their age. There are no significant scratches or dings to speak of. Yes if you use a magnifying glass you are likely to find something, but you’d have to really look.

On the back you'll find the bass port and single set of banana posts. 

These were designed and sold without grills so don’t ask if they are included.

Here is an excerpt from a Stereophile review:

Through the vital midrange, the Epos 14 is superb. It is, in my opinion, neutral in perspective, and very low in coloration. I occasionally was aware of just a trace of boxiness or nasality, but it was elusive. What set it apart from the other loudspeakers in this survey was a sense of inner detailing, "life," and dynamic transparency which were unique, in my experience, in a two-way design at this price. There was a striking reproduction of overall depth which equalled, or even exceeded, that of the Snell Qs. In the latters' case, the depth appeared to arise out of its extended, airy top end. The Epos struck me as being a result of superior midrange transparency (as its top-end extension is, subjectively, above average but not exceptional).

This contributed considerably to a sense of three-dimensional layering which, while less than that in the better (and largely far more expensive) high-end loudspeakers, was nonetheless very impressive. That, combined with realistic yet natural dynamics, a precise image which filled the space between the loudspeakers (though only rarely beyond), and a noteworthy rendering of vertical height, made for an overall presentation through the vital midrange which was convincing and, most importantly, musically valid and involving.

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