Encore DL2010.2 Tube Preamplifier with Phono Section - Rare and Near Mint


For your consideration is this beautiful circa 1996 Encore Electronics DL2010.2 hybrid preamp. 

This preamp also includes the MC phono gain card installed, and is adjustable internally for loading and gain with MC cartridges. It offers Adjustable Cartridge Loading, Capacitance, and Output Impedance.

I can think of very few used preamps in this price range that would even come CLOSE to the performance of the Encore.

Encore was a Kansas City company founded by two Honeywell aerospace engineers in the late 1980's. There were many prototype versions of the DL2010, all were state of the art at the time, and production versions received glowing class A and B reviews in Stereophile.

This version was the best and last version that Daric Laughlin produced, and is definitely the one to own!

Many refinements were made over the original 2010 model, including most significantly the stepped ladder volume control. Most people when seeing the stepped attenuator assume that this is the volume control, in reality there are no audio signals present at the front panel at all, all volume, balance, and input switching are switched by solid state ladder relays located at the rear of the preamp. This insures a very quiet signal path and amazing S/N ratio for tube preamp.

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