Edison Concert Phonograph, Late 1800's with Bettini Attachment Reproducer


The Concert model is one of Edisons rarer phonographs, and this one actually takes it up a big notch as it's equipped with a Bettini reproducer and carriage.

Utilizing the massive 5" cylinders, this triple spring motor equipped unit would have been utilized in a concert or large (outdoor) venue since it was capable of such higher resolution and volume.

The usually massive horn was replaced by a hand crafted, yet modestly sized custom piece made in Argentina by an expert craftsman. 

The cabinet is made of oak and comes complete with the rare cover which is often damaged or lost.

While this vintage 130+ year-old phonograph actually works, it will need a new stylus and diaphragm for operation.

Includes a single cylinder in its case as shown in our photos.

Note both the Bettini and the standard reproducer and included. Please inquire if you'd like to buy either separately.

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