Dynaco Dynakit Stereo 70 Tube Amplifier


Classic and well loved tube amplifier which was produced from the 50's all the way to the 90s. 

Featuring a no nonsense design capable of 35 watts per channel which was refined to near perfection over its lifespan. 

This unit appears to be from the last years of production and is working perfectly.  It was tested in our lab under full load and the results were spot on.  

Cosmetically it's in real nice condition with no signs of abuse or rust.  The chrome is free from any pitting or deep scratches, and the paint on the cover looks great.  

Power Output: 35 watts continuous, 80 watts peak each channel.
Frequency Response: ±.5 dB from 10 cps to 40 kc.
Power Response: 20 cps to 20 kc within 1 dB of 35 watts at less than 1% distortion.
Intermodulation Distortion: Less than 1% at 35 watts (normally about .5%). Less than .05% at 1 watt.
Hum and Noise: Inaudible; better than 90 dB below rated power.
Sensitivity: 1.3 volts rms input for 35 watts out.
Output Impedances: 4, 8, and 16 ohms each channel.
Damping Factor: 15.
Minimum Channel Separation: 55 dB
Power Consumption: 190 watts 50/60 cps
Preamp Provision: Two power takeoffs with independent heater windings to eliminate interaction. Each 6.3 volts 1 amp, 350 volts dc 10 ma. Dynakit preamplifiers plug in directly without modification.
Tube Complement: EL-34 (4), 7199 (2), GZ-34.
Size: 13" by 9-1/2" by 6-1/2" high.
Weight: 32 pounds.
Finish: Chassis and bottom plate bright nickel plated. Cover finished in charcoal brown vinyl paint.
Designed by: Ed Laurent, Bob Tucker
Year Introduced: 1959



Original Box








Physical Condition


Working Condition




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