Denon DN-951FA Professional Broadcast Quality CD Player - NEW in Box!


Super reliable and great sounding CD player from Denon that was originally designed and built for the demanding needs of a broadcast studio.

Featuring an all-aluminum metal chassis along with high-end component selection throughout.

This was allocated as a backup unit for a studio but never put into service. Tested in our shop and working like new.

Plus this listing includes the original box!

This was made in Japan with a listed production date 1998 

*Important Note: This unit only has analog and digital XLR and AES/EBU type outputs, and requires a CD caddy to function. One Denon offical ACD-5B CD caddy is included with this listing.

More from Denon:

"Considered the performance standard for broadcast CD players, the Denon DN-951FA and DN-961FA models combine true professional grade construction with a full complement of user features. Identical in most respects except for the tray-loading system, these two models serve as the workhorse CD players in thousands of radio stations and other professional audio installations around the world.

The DN-951FA CD is the cart version, offering top reliability when the CD media is subject to rough handling (for example, in the DJ booth, control room, and similar environments). Housed in a secure cart, the CD media is protected from inadvertent damage, especially surface scratches.

The DN-961FA is the tray-loading version, featuring quick load/unload just like a conventional CD player, and is the ideal choice when the CD media isn’t subject to abusive handling."

"Back in the the late 1980s when it was first introduced in the broadcast marketplace, the DN-951A was an excellent digital replacement for the old analog audio tape cartridge machines.

By placing the relatively fragile compact disc inside a protective cartridge housing, it allowed those discs to be used in a very busy on air control room/studio without the worry of playback errors due to scratches, dirt, and fingerprints on the CDs creating all sorts of glitches, dropouts, skipping, etc.

The DN-951A was very easy for non-technically minded air talent to do their shows without audible technical issues interrupting the flow of the show."

Please see our photos and the linked manual + service manual below for full technical details.

Denon DN-951FA CD Cart Player Manual + Service Manual

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10 - New In Open Box

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