Denon 100th Anniversary Universal SACD / CD / Blu-Ray Player, DBP-A100


Rare and unique Denon Universal Disc Player to commemorate their 100th anniversary.

The A100 series consisted of several 100th anniversary products released in 2010:

The PMA-100 stereo amplifier, DCD-A100 CD/SACD player, DP-A100 direct-drive turntable, DL-A100 cartridge, AVR-100 9.2 multichannel receiver, DPB-A100 universal Blu-ray player, and AH-A100 headphones.

This example presents like new, and is a complete package with the original manual, remote, and shipping carton.

There's not a single fingerprint on this piece, and it was tested in our lab where all functions worked as they should.

We paid extra close attention to the ability to place Super Audio CD's, as that is the Achilles heel of most universal players where they fail to recognize SACD over time. Especially hybrid SACD + CD discs which were more common in later releases.

This player was super responsive and recognized the multiple SACD's we tried with it almost immediately.

Please see our last photo or the linked Manual below for full specifications. 

Denon 100th Anniversary Universal SACD / CD / Blu-Ray Player, DBP-A100

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