dCS Verona Master (Digital) Clock


This piece is a must if you're trying to assemble a reference quality digital playback system.

Tested and working as it should, and do note this will work with a dCS stack as well as other compatible CD transports/players.

No signs of use of wear visible. $7k MSRP when new  in 2005.

From a Stereophile review written by John Aktinson:

As a limited-production component manufactured in a country with a strong currency, the $6995 Verona is inevitably expensive in the US. Value for money? Fuggedaboudit! The Verona's applicability for use in non–dCS-based systems is almost zero, given that the Verdi is one of only two SACD/CD transports of which I am aware that has a word-clock input (the other is the new Esoteric X-01). But if you have a dCS Verdi-Elgar SACD player—and I know that, at $33,985, that's not going to be too many people—the Verona will take it a small but nonetheless important step forward in sound quality to achieve the best sound quality I have yet heard, not only from SACD but from CD as well.

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Device for distributing a master word-clock signal in a digital production/playback environment

5 word-clock on 75 ohm BNCs and 3 S/PDIF on RCAs, with switch-selectable dither

External reference clock on BNC, switchable between TTL and bipolar formats, will lock to external TTL clock signals ranging from 32kHz to 96kHz and bipolar 10MHz signals from, for example, a GPS clock.

Word-clock output frequencies:
44.1kHz, 48kHz

Word-clock accuracy/stability:
±1ppm guaranteed after six months

Typical power consumption:

8.15" (461mm) W x 16.2" (413mm) D x 2.7" (69mm) H

18.7 lbs (8.5kg)

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