Classe Audio - CA-101 Solid State Amplifier in Two Tone Finish - Fully Tested


100 Watt amplifier made in Canada using the best components available. 

Solid metal chassis with an over-sized power supply, yielding a conservatively rated 100W per channel. 

Fully tested in our lab at full rated power where it passed with flying colors.  

Great cosmetic condition with no significant scratches or dents anywhere.  One of the speaker posts is missing the plastic cover but can still be used with banana connectors. 

Features mono capabilities and RCA and XLR inputs.

The two tone finish and heavy metal faceplate and side caps are very attractive. 

This is a very musical amplifier and hard to beat with anything new under $3000. 


Classé Audio's remarkable achievements are reflected in our worldwide reputation for unsurpassed musical performance, reliability, consistency, and overall value. Classé's philosophy is one of technological evolution, not revolution. Building on what we know works. 

All Classé amplifiers share a common, unique design. Each model employs a massive, shielded toroidal transformer to power our sophisticated, high-speed circuitry. In most high-end amplifiers, this power is sent to a small number of large reservoir capacitors for distribution. However, large capacitors are often slow in responding to the rapidly fluctuating energy demands of music. The ingenious Classé solution uses a large number of small capacitors distributed throughout each amplifier which are located in close proximity to the circuits they supply. The result is a lightening-quick response creating fabulous dynamics coupled with a more natural sound!

Microphonics, caused by component vibration and magnetic interference from the passage of electric current through them, has plagued audio designers since the beginning of recorded sound. Isolation is the key. At Classé, we begin with a unique front-end circuit topology that mechanically decouples vibration-sensitive components from all sources of vibration. In addition, our transformers rest on a specially designed plate to draw magnetic fields away from the circuitry.

Bl-POLAR? MOSFET? J-FET? Most high-end amplifiers use only one type of transistor. At Classé, we use all three in a unique sequence that makes the most of their particular voltage and input impedance characteristics. In addition, we have designed small but highly efficient extruded aluminum heat sinks that disperse transistor-generated heat, ensuring maximum output without distortion.

100 watts stereo, 200 watts mono, high current, sleek curved chassis with large dual heat sinks at rear, both regular and balanced inputs externally switchable, sculpted one piece handles.



Original Box








Physical Condition


Working Condition


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