Classe SSP-25 Surround Processor - Audio Preamp - With Remote


While this unit is a bit outdated in terms of its video features, it still makes for a wonderful analog audio preamplifier.  Mostly because Classe was a leader in 2 channel audio long before they started making video products.  

There are two features that make this a great preamp.  One, there are balanced input and outputs for the best signal transmission possible.  Two, there is an analog bypass function that does just that.. sends the audio signal around all the video circuitry.  

There is also the ability to use it as a DAC since it has optical and coax digital inputs.  

The remote is ridiculous, machined from solid aluminum and could kill someone if used in anger. 

The face plate is in nice condition, the top has a few scuffs and light scratches.  Overall very presentable.  

It was bench tested in our lab and passed with flying colors.  

Includes the processor, power cord, manual, and remote.

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