Classe Audio DR-6-R Analog Preamp with Full Featured Phono - Complete


The R at the end of this model number indicates the best and most feature rich of all the DR-6's.  

This beauty was designed by legendary engineer and co-founder of Classe Audio, David Reich.  It features a separate power supply to make sure the noisy bits are kept separate from the quiet bits, and a full featured phono section that is totally customizable and able to support both MM (Moving-Magnet) and MC (Moving-Coil) cartridges. 

On the back you'll find super high quality RCA jacks and balanced input and outputs.  

Internally you'll notice the highest quality collection of parts, thoughtfully arranged, and meticulously assembled. 

All this results in a fabulous all analogue vintage solid state preamp with a super low noise floor and excellent dynamics.  

This unit is in fabulous condition and has been well cared for. There are no significant scratches or wear marks. The paint is clean and faceplate looks great.  

The DR6 was fully tested and serviced in our lab. All critical components were checked and the super high quality Alps potentiometers were ensure to be noise free.  All functions including the phono section were fully gone through. 

This is complete collectors piece including all packing materials, manuals, cables and resistors needed to adjust the phono section.  



Original Box








Physical Condition


Working Condition


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