Celestion SL-6si Two Way Speakers


These classic speakers from the glory days of home audio, made in the UK, came to us in a strange finish and were worthy of much more.

While all the drivers and internals were absolutely perfect, the cabinets were a bit dated and ugly so we refinished them in a super modern satin dark gray wood grain. They now look like they just came out of the factory.

These are also the later and much more desirable iteration of this model with an “Si” designation.

All drivers were tested with a function generator and passed with flying colors.

Just about any amplifier of around 100W should make these sound glorious. An Audio Research D-115 or a McIntosh MC275 MKV should be period correct.

We have tons of great matches for these so please drop us a note.

No grills are included but I’m sure the new owner will want to see the full baffle in all its glory.

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