CEC TL1 Belt Drive CD Transport! Top Loading and Serviced


CEC Transports are known for utilizing actual physical belts to spin the disc which results in almost perfect quiet operation.

This CEC TL1 hails from the early 1990's and this is the only one we've ever come across.

We just installed new generic belts on this gorgeous top loading transport and it's working brilliantly.

In near perfect cosmetic condition, with all functions working just like they should.

Comes complete with original box, manual, and remote. Please see our last photo for specifications from the original printed manual.

More from an excellent Stereophile review by Robert Harley:

"The C.E.C. TL 1 is unquestionably a remarkable transport. Its smoothness, ease, and liquidity set a new standard in digital playback. Midrange textures in particular are rendered with a lushness that I find immensely involving. There is no trace of glare or grain, something I greatly value. In these areas, the TL 1 surpasses the performance of even the Mark Levinson No.31 transport.

How much one likes the TL 1's presentation will be highly dependent on musical taste and the characteristics of the rest of the playback system. Some listeners will be unable to live without the TL 1's analog-like ease; others will prefer a transport with more dynamic contrast and better bass definition. If the No.31 and PDT 3 are like excellent solid-state power amplifiers, the TL 1 is the digital equivalent of a classic tube design—more forgiving of source imperfections, sweet at the expense of some resolution, and a little fat in the bass. A careful audition, preferably in your own system, is mandatory before buying.

I must reiterate my praise for the TL 1's superb build, stunning cosmetics, and beautiful operation. The top-loading mechanism, heavy clamp, and sliding glass door provide a tactile dimension to CD playback.

All things considered, I can enthusiastically recommend the C.E.C. TL 1. It is not only an eminently musical transport, but also a gorgeous—and innovative—piece of audio electronics."

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