California Audio Labs Sigma mkII Tube DAC


This little box was quite a unique piece when it hit the market as few companies made a highly acclaimed DAC with a tube output stage. This helped take the edge off of CD’s, especially those that were recorded in the early 80s and 90’s. The matching transport made for a superb 1-2 punch and was a great performer, especially for the price.

Up for grabs on this listing is the DAC, but I can bundle it together with the transport if you’d like. This the original version (not the 24/96) which many believe is a warmer sounding iteration of the DAC.

On the back you will find 75ohm RCA and Optical inputs as well as RCA outputs and a removable power cord.

Condition is decent, although close inspection will find a few light scrapes or scratches but very presentable.

It works absolutely perfect and locks onto the digital signal almost immediately. The power supply test was noise free and the capacitors do not show any signs of bulging or leakage. The tube works perfectly and passed with flying colors in our professional tube tester.

Included in this listing is the DAC and a power cord.

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