B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) Nautilus 802 Full Range Speakers, Near Mint


Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus 802 in Cherry

These are the original Nautilus 802 which is one of speakers most often found in recording studios.  Engineers like them for their dynamics, neutrality, and transparency.

In a proper sized room, these babies will put a huge smile on virtually anybody's face.  They have a big punch while not being overly bright or tinny. 

The construction and component quality is top notch.  Bowers is one of the few speaker makers that can afford to engineer and build their own drivers.  The cabinet is a feat of engineering with its complex curves and modular driver arrangement.  If you haven’t owned pair you owe it to yourself. 

This particular sample came from the original owner who took great care of them. 

The drivers and cabinets are perfect.  Not a single noticeable scratch.  The grills have a broken post or two but still adhere without issues.  I like these without the grills.  The built in casters make it very easy to move around although they are several hundred pounds each. 

We have the original boxes and can ship these via freight.  

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