B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) CWM7.5 In-Wall Speakers - Kevlar Drivers, and Bass Cavity

$799 $1,200

Very capable in-wall speakers from legendary speaker maker Bowers & Wilkins. 

They are unique as they feature an additional bass cavity that slips behind the wall surface to provide more bass.  

These were part of a demo system that had only a few hours of use.  

In great condition with no dents or scratches.  Perfect working condition. 

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The entry-point in our CI700 in-wall speaker range, the CWM7.5 is the smallest of the three speakers but comes packed with superb, reference-quality features such as a 130mm (5in) bass/midrange driver set in a rigid die-cast chassis, a Nautilus™ tube-loaded 25mm (1in) soft dome tweeter and reinforced ABS baffle.

Other high quality features include Mundorf crossover components and our Flowport™ venting system for a cleaner, more responsive bass.

Description: 2-way in-wall system

Drive units: 1x ø25mm (1 in) Nautilus™ tube loaded soft dome tweeter, 1x ø130mm (5 in) blue Kevlar® cone bass/midrange

Frequency Range: (-6dB)49Hz – 28kHz

Recommended Amp Power: 25 – 150w

Sensitivity SPL: (2.83V, 1m)86dB

Impedance Nominal: (min)6Ω (5Ω)

Frame height: 356mm (14 in)

Frame width: 212mm (8.5 in)

Cut-out height

331mm (13 in)

Cut-out width

187mm (7.4 in)

Reservoir box height

181mm (7.1 in)

Reservoir box width

385mm (15.2 in)

Reservoir box depth

60mm (2.4 in)

Depth behind surface

102mm (4 in)


6.5mm (0.25 in)



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