Bel Canto DAC 2.5 Upsampling Audio DAC With Master Reference Ultra-Clock


 Design Features:
• Master Reference Ultra-Clock high rate jitter filter insures maximum dynamic range from any source.
• 110dB dynamic range 24/192 ADC Analog RCA input
• USB Link 24/96 Isolated computer audio input
• Dedicated Headphone DAC/Amplifier stage
• 8 Digit Alphanumeric Green LED Display
• Internal LNS1 supply with LC filter
• Critical analog supply filters using new Solid Polymer technology capacitors
• 4 Vrms balanced output level to drive any amplifier

The DAC2.5 musical performance rests on the solid foundation of the Master Reference Ultra-Clock TM. The Master Reference Ultra-ClockTM provides jitter performance 50x better than other clocks. Specifications of 2 picoseconds RMS and frequency accuracy of 0.0001% insure maximum dynamic range. The Master Reference Ultra-Clock circuit is preceded by a new aggressive 2Hz jitter filter, insuring that any incoming jitter on the data inputs can not compromise the final analog output signal quality.

The DAC2.5 has been optimized to provide the highest level of performance for all of these critical functions. It can provide digital preamplifier as well as D/A conversion and bridge from traditional CD or DVD player sources and from the isolated USB input for computer music playback sources.

All digital input sources benefit from the new 2Hz digital PLL stage that rolls off incoming jitter by more than 10X at 10Hz frequencies and greater than 10,000X by 100 Hz. Any incoming jitter at frequencies above 10Hz is reduced to levels that have no effect on measured or sonic performance. The combination of the internal LNS1 stage and the new jitter filtration provide a well isolated environment for the DAC2.5 Digital to Analog stage. The final conversion to analog is no longer subject to external noise and interference sources and the resulting purity and dynamic quality is highly musical and compelling.
See page 9 for back panel.

The High Dynamic Range analog input section provides 110dB of dynamic range for any of your analog sources-it can be connected to a PHONO3 preamplifier for a complete system including a turntable source. Or it can be configured as a Home Theater Bypass to integrate into a complete high performance system with the best performance for your 2-channel sources.

The dedicated headphone DAC/Amplifier stage is designed to drive any headphone with remarkable fidelity. This dedicated stage insures no compromise to either the main analog outputs or the headphone output. The main analog outputs are muted digitally when a headphone is plugged into the front panel jack. There is no additional switching of any analog signals or routing of analog lines. The headphone circuitry is all DC coupled, avoiding any sonic compromise due to coupling capacitors.

The PCM1796 dual-differential multi-bit delta-sigma DAC circuit achieves remarkable analog performance. The 4VRMS true balanced XLR outputs provide 122dB of dynamic range. The noise floor of this DAC/processor is so low and so clean that the DAC2.5 is optimally used as a complete DAC/Preamplifier with a digital level control. Because of dither applied to the 24bit word there is no loss of effective resolution. The application of optimized dither insures that the analog output noise floor maintains a clean sound, devoid of any tones or artifacts. The DAC2.5 can provide an optimum solution with the addition of a Bel Canto e.One amplifier, eliminating the need for an analog preamplifier.

Bel Canto DAC 2.5 Upsampling Audio DAC With Master Reference Ultra-Clock - Owner's Manual

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Digital Section
Maximum Input Data Rate
24bit Data at 192Ks/s:
AES 110ohm XLR, SPDIF 75ohm, TOSLINK

24bit Data at 96Ks/s:

Master Clock jitter:
2 picosecond RMS

Analog 24/192 DAC Section

Maximum Input:
2.5Vrms RCA

Input Impedance:
12K ohms RCA

Frequency Response:
20 Hz-20KHz, +/- 0.5dB

0.003%, 2.5Vrms in, 1KHz

Dynamic Range:
110dB, A-weighted 20Hz-20KHz

Headphone Section

Maximum Output:

0.0055% 35mW, 1KHz

Output Noise:
17uVrms, A-weighted 20Hz-20KHz


Power Usage On:

Power Usage Off:

Internally Set Operating Voltages:
100-120VAC or 230-240VAC 50/60 Hz

8.5” W x 12.5” D x 3.5” H
(216 mm x 318 mm x 88 mm)

14 lbs.
(6.5 kg)



Original Box







Yes - Power

Physical Condition


Working Condition


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