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Basis Audio - Power Cable with Furutech 15A Connectors - 3M (5 of 6)

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Basis Audio - Power Cable With Furutech 15A Connectors 3M (5 Of 6) Cables

Basis Audio - Power Cable with Furutech 15A Connectors - 3M (5 of 6)

SkyFi 479

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479 South Broad Street
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Basis Audio Power Cable with Furutech 15A connectors.

$1,500 Original MSRP.

Known worldwide for their superb turntables and tonearm, why would Basis jump into the overcrowded cable market? It was a risk, to be sure, but they were confident they had something new/better to offer. If sales are any indication, they were dead on.

Technical genius and head honcho, A.J. Conti, labored for years on a design concept he’s termed Hy-Per Shield technology. The “distortion-less transmission line” is the result of careful balancing proven laws of physics to attain constant phase across a wide frequency range. The result is a cable with exceptionally black background, balanced tonality and superb clarity.

All the Basis cables – interconnects, speaker cables and power cables- offer truly outstanding performance. Anyone considering cables in their range should include them on your list of “must audition” cables.

The Basis Power Cable sets new standards in silence and purity of AC power through its pure conductors, limited bandwidth, and most importantly, exotic-material, double-shielded Hy-Per Shield Technology design.

Perfectionist Power cables’ job is obvious: they must deliver 50 or 60 cycle sine waves while introducing no power factor (time lag between voltage and current peak values). The Basis Power Cable performs this function flawlessly, being optimized for transmission of power in the 50-60 hertz range. However, more important than the transmission of power is the requirement for the power cord to be clean; to not “pollute” the component area with high frequency power line noise, RFI, and low frequency electromagnetic radiation. It is critical that power cables not act as “radiating antennae” for the powerful, fluctuating magnetic wave which is a result of the AC waveform itself. (Please see physics texts for the explanation of the intrinsic link between electricity and magnetism. A full discussion is beyond the scope of this paper.) Always in close proximity to power cords are small signal cables. Many power cords are shielded and offer some degree of protection to nearby signal cables from RFI. However, low frequency shielding of the power cord to contain the strong 50 or 60 hertz pulsating magnetic fields requires totally different materials and has not been effectively addressed in the audio field. Basis has solved this problem with our Hy-Per Shield system, utilizing exotic materials to eliminate the ability of the power cords to radiate this energy.

The result is that the power cords are prevented from acting as radiating antennae for all types of energy, meaning that your phono cartridge, phono stage, and small signal cables will be receiving less noise from the environment. You will hear lower system “hum”, greater overall system silence, increased low level detail, lower “grain”, and increased dynamics. Preamp and amplifier distortion will be lower and higher power will be available to your speakers from your amplifier when it is freed from amplifying this non-musical information.

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