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B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) CDM 2 Bookshelf Speakers - Very Desirable Cherry

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B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) Cdm 2 Bookshelf Speakers - Very Desirable Cherry

B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) CDM 2 Bookshelf Speakers - Very Desirable Cherry

SkyFi 479

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These were my personal "Desk" monitors at home before we purchased our full SkyFi building and shop. 

I picked them because they were gorgeous and sounded just right at the same time, hour after hour at work helping to build out the company. 

Now it's time for them to find a new home, as I haven't used them much since our build-out and move.

Also featuring sequential serial #'s 011835 & 011836

Please see our last photo or the manual linked below for specifications:

B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) CDM 2 Bookshelf Speakers

Here's an excerpt from a Chicago Tribune review from 1995 by Rich Warren:

"Uncanny. Or perhaps more accurately, uncanned.

Two new speaker models from established British speaker companies speak volumes about lifelike, ear-pleasing sound. They reproduce music with a naturalness that refutes calling recorded music "canned" sound.

Both come finished in satin black ash, real wood veneer with black grille cloths. Both sell in the neighborhood of a $1,000 a pair. Their manufacturers magnetically shield them for use near TVs. However, in size they're as different as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito.

The B&W CDM 2 is about the same size and weight as a Cadillac's car battery. The CDM's small size belies its substantial weight. CDM stands for "Compact Domestic Monitor," but I'd call it Condo Dream Monitor. B&W succeeded in reducing size without significantly sacrificing sound.

B&W insists that all sound radiate from the speaker drivers (woofer and tweeter) and not the enclosure. When the enclosure vibrates, it muddies the sound. Rap the CDM 2 with your knuckles and it feels like a brick. The report from your hand sounds solid rather than hollow, the perfect response. The front panel, known as the baffle, contains eccentric rings around the tweeter and where the edges should be the baffle gently curves. This reduces diffraction, the collision of soundwaves, as they leave the speakers.

B&W spent the past two decades perfecting high tech, specialized materials for speaker cones and domes. B&W constructs the cone of the 6 1/2-inch combination woofer-midrange driver from Kevlar. Other companies use this tough material for bullet-proof vests and canoes. B&W forms woven Kevlar to a near ideal radiator of sound waves. It's used on all of the company's expensive multithousand-dollar speakers. B&W makes the dome of the 1-inch tweeter from a metal alloy.

All this technology and care contributes to a clear, balanced sound that pays homage to live music. The stereo image, the illusion of natural placement of instruments and voices, recreates a realistic impression. You might do a double-take when coming upon the CDM 2 unaware, thinking the vocalist actually in the room. At $800, B&W offers a true bargain with these speakers that fit in any room from dorm to dacha."

More from B&W:

CDM 2 - Stand-mount/Bookshelf loudspeaker system

The CDM 2 is designed for music lovers seeking the best possible sound from a speaker small enough to sit on a bookshelf. It delivers all the qualities which typify the CDM range, in its most compact and easily-installed shape. The CDM 2 features two pairs of gold- plated terminals to permit bi-wiring.

Technical highlights:
Kevlar: B&W developed and patented the method of using Kevlar for loudspeaker cones to reduce unwanted standing waves. DuPont originally created Kevlar for use in bulletproof vests.

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