Audio Research SP-6B All Tube Preamp with Phono Stage - With Original Box


Fully tested and performing wonderfully, all analogue unit, with manual and BRAND NEW NOS GE American made tubes. 

These matched tubes are a rare find and are included in the preamp.  I just removed them from the box, tested and installed in the preamp, and it's sounding glorious. 

It has been completely tested in our lab and passed with flying colors.  The power supply was tested for correct voltages, the capacitors were tested for performance and leakage, and all switches, connectors, and pots were cleaned.  Tubes were tested and replaced as needed with period correct replacements. 

These are wonderful full featured preamps worthy of any high quality system and are an amazing bargain.  Like all SP models, they contain a phono section for connecting your turntable with an all tube gain stage.    

On the front you will find just what is needed and nothing more.  There are no tone controls or silly bits to alter the sound quality.  Just a volume, balance, input selector, and stereo selector mode.  

On the back you’ll find all the necessary single ended inputs and outputs and some convenience outlets, some of which are switched from the front and great for connecting a modern or classic amplifier. 

Cosmetically everything is in very nice shape, there are no deep or noticeable scratches on the faceplates or knobs.  All switches are intact and work as they should.  The aluminum sides are pretty clean, and the black painted tops have an occasional imperfection but nothing very noticeable.  

This unit is the more advanced "B" version of the SP6.  

If you haven’t experienced a tube preamp in your system yet, this is a great entry point and sure to hold its value. 

They were manufactured and sold circa 1980.



Original Box








Physical Condition


Working Condition


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