ASC Quarter Round Corner Tube Traps - 5ft tall w/8" Radius - Set of Four


These appear to be made by ASC but frankly I'm not 100% sure. They are well made and worked brilliantly in one of my primary listening rooms before I started a redesign.

This is a set of 4 which will go a long way in taming the bass and tightening it up.

I often tell my clients "The most important component in a stereo is the speaker, followed by the room. Don't spend any energy or $ on the electronics 'till you've sorted out the room."

These will do exactly that and paired with the right room furnishing and/or paneling the results will be marked.

While these show some signs of use, they look very presentable especially when you place them in the corners.

Currently listed as local pickup only but you're welcome to arrange your own shipping directly with uShip or Roadie.



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