Anthony Gallo Acoustics Nucleus Reference 3 Speakers


These caused *quite* the stir in the mid 2000's, and yes they can still keep up with most modern speakers.

A most unusual design which now has a cool retro look, especially without the grills.

Great bass from essentially little to no cabinet volume too.

Speakers work perfectly, the grills have a few small holes but are presentable.

** Regarding the labeling on the rear of the speakers mentioning 3/3.1. Please disregard, we believe both are 3.1 based on the below and the fact there is no switch on the back of either speaker:

There were several changes, the 3.1 includes:
• The tweeter adjustment switch was removed. Gallo found few people used it, and the switch was easily broken when you took the grills on/off. Upside, a more pure signal path.
• New/different midrange drivers. The new midrange drivers are identifiable by looking closely at the outer edge of the driver, if it has a prononced lip it is the new midrange.
• Minor change to the crossover. I think they changed a few capacitors.
Gallo made these changes before they announced the 3.1 If the speakers were made after September 2005 chances are they are the 3.1, you can email or call Gallo with the serial numbers and they can confirm.

Nucleus Reference 3.1 Specifications
Three-Way Floorstanding Loudspeaker

CDT Tweeter with 300° dispersion; 3kHz - 35kHz

Midrange Driver
Dual 4" carbon fiber midrange drivers

Bass Driver
10" carbon fiber bass driver

Crossover Frequency
None on tweeter or midrange units.
Low pass filter on woofer set at 125 hz.

Frequency Response
34Hz to 35kHz +/- 3dB

88 dB/W/M

4 to 8 ohms top terminal
4 ohms lower terminal

Power Handling
350 watts RMS

Dimensions - Each
H x W x D
36.25" x 8" x 14"

Weight - Each
47 lbs.

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