Gallo Acoustics Nucleus Reference 3.1 Speakers


These speakers created quite the stir in the 2005-2010 era due to their amazing reviews and innovative design.  

The particular set is the later 3.1 version with many improvements over the 3.0 version, including new midrange drivers and crossover refinements.  

They throw an amazing soundstage and have tons of bass.  If you want even more you can add an outboard subwoofer amplifier taking the lower bass from a very satisfying 32Hz to an astounding 22Hz.

These are in very good shape but have an occasional scratch or ding here and there.  One of the grills has a small tear in the fabric which is barely noticeable.  These are overall very presentable.  

All drivers are in perfect working condition and have been fully tested.  Bass is deep and tight and the highs sparkle.  

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