Altec Lansing 604E 15" Drivers w/Crossovers - Mint Condition - Fully Tested


These famous Altec Super Duplex 604E's have been fully tested in our lab using a sweep frequency generator where they passed with flying colors.

They look to be 100% original and unmolested.  No mold, tears, scuffs, or damage of any sort.

Includes a matching pair of Altec N-1500-A "Dividing Network" crossovers as pictured.

Ready for your next speaker project or if you'd like us to source or make a great cabinet give us a call or email.  

Click here for a PDF copy of the original Brochure for these speakers

Power:  35 watts (50 watts peak)
Frequency Response:  From 20 to 22,000 cycles
Pressure Sensitivity:  101 db SPL at 4 ft. from 1 watt* or 116.4 db SPL at 4
ft. from 35 watts *equivalent to EIA rating of 54 db at 30 feet from 1 milliwatt
Impedance:  Designed to operate from 8 ohms or 16 ohms
Cone Resonance:  25 cycles
Voice Coil Diameters:  (LF) 3 inches Mtg. Bolt. (HF) 1-3/4 inches
Horizontal Distribution:  90
Vertical Distribution:  40°
Magnets: Type:  Alnico V, (LF) 4.4 pounds, (HF) 1.2 pounds
Structure Weight:  (LF) 20.31 pounds (HF) 6.5 pounds
Flux:  (LF) 13,000 Gauss (HF) 15,000 Gauss
Crossover Network:  1,500 cycle, dual full-section (furnished with speaker)
Terminals:  Binding post (4)
Diameter:  15-5/16"
Mounting Data:  Baffle opening: 13-1/4 inches, Mtg. Bolt. Cntrs.: 14-9/16 inches (8, equally spaced at 45°), Depth: 11-1/8 inches
Weight:  34 pounds (including network)
Finish:  White and Grey
Accessories:  Altec 100A Bass Energizer
Enclosures:  Altec 855A, 857A, 612A, 614A Cabinets

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