Altec 1570B Tube Monoblock Amplifier Pair


Rare and collectible and increasingly hard to find in good condition. 

These have been carefully gone through and tested and found to be in good working condition. 

They feature amazing 811 high output tubes which allows the amps to deliver over 150W, which is unusually high for a vintage amp. 

I believe these were used in movie theaters and other public venues before being discovered by the audiophile community.  There are plenty of modifications available but I would just enjoy them the way they are for a bit before jumping into anything.  These amps sounded particularly well with our vintage AR3 speakers providing a clear and authoritative sound. 

While they are in good working condition, the cabinets could use a bit of paint to look perfect. There is no deep rust (just some surface rust on the transformers), or damage that a quick sand and paint couldn't fix. 

If you want them to look near perfect and don’t want to tackle the project yourself, let us know and we will provide a price fully refurbished. 

Included in this listing are the two amplifiers with all necessary tubes (mostly vintage GE units from the USA).

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