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Adcom GFT-555 II - AM / FM Tuner

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Adcom Gft-555 Ii - Am / Fm Tuner

Adcom GFT-555 II - AM / FM Tuner

SkyFi 479

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Tested in our shop with our special FM and related test equipment and working just like it should all around.

From Adcom:

For serious music lovers, the quality of FM stereo is often unacceptable except as background music. Adcom's GFT-555II tuner confronts these inadequacies directly and brings in FM broadcasts that sound as good as the transmitted signal allows.

Adcom designers have done everything possible with the GFT-555 II to reduce noise and distortion (the major enemies of FM reception) to a minimum. The new low-loss printed circuit board minimizes signal degradation. Laboratory grade component parts, including 1% Roederstein metal-film resistors and metal film capacitors in all critical areas, assure outstanding performance and maintain their quality for extended periods of time.

Superior FM performance directly results from an improved RF (radio frequency) section with high resistance to overload, excellent image rejection characteristics and exceptional signal-to-noise capabilities. The critical IF (intermediate frequency) section boasts new "symmetrical skirt" ceramic filters for improved selectivity. High blend and mono modes allow relatively noise-free reception of even the weakest FM signals.

Buffered, low impedance class A outputs insure optimal operation of the multiplex circuitry for maximum channel separation regardless of the "load" imposed by cable or control center anomalies. A rear panel switch provides precise level matching for compatibility with other source components.

In keeping with typical Adcom tradition, convenient features abound. The front panel is simple and uncluttered. Tuning is easy with 16 programmable presets (8 FM/8 AM) and an FM Scan mode in addition to step tuning via Up and Down push-buttons.

Listen to a good FM broadcast on the GFT-555II and you'll hear why Adcom stereo components are so critically acclaimed. Once again, it's in the details.

Adcom GFT-555 II - AM / FM Tuner - Manual

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The SkyFi Testing Process for Tuners:
We start with a visual inspection of all internal components to make sure there are no signs of stress or aging. Capacitors are checked for telltale sings of bulging or leaking, resistors are checked for signs of overheating or cracking, and tubes are inspected for signs of stress overheating or cracking.

Then the tuner is thoroughly tested in our lab utilizing our professional Sencore SG80 FM Generator, which allows us to generate a reference FM signal of any frequency and amplitude, and then measure the resulting tuner output on our Sencore PR81 or oscilloscope. 

This unit passed with flying colors and produced a natural and warm sounding output. 


FM Tuner Section

Usable Sensitivity (Mono).....2.1uV/11.8dBf

Quieting Sensitivity (50 dB)

Signal-to-Noise (at 65dBf, "A" Weighted)

THD + Noise (at 1kHz, 65dBf)

Capture Ratio .....1.5dB

Alternate Channel Selectivity (400kHz).....>75dB

IF Rejection.....>85dB

Image Rejection (400kHz).....>90dB

Frequency response (0.5dB)......30 Hz- 15kHz

Output Impedance.....100 ohms

AM Tuner Section


Selectivity ( l0kHz).....>40dB

Image Rejection.....>40dB

IF Rejection.....>80dB

Signal-to-Noise (at 5mV/m, "A" Weighted).....47dB


Power (available in other voltages on special order)

Power Consumption.....10 watts

Chassis Dimensions
17"(432mm) x 11 3/8"(289mm) x 3"(76mm)

Maximum Dimensions
17"(432mm) x 12 3/4"(324mm) x 3 1/4"(83mm)

Antenna Impedance.....75 or 300 ohms

Weight......10.5 lbs (4.8kg)

Weight, Packed.....13.5 lbs (6.2kg)

Please click here for detailed specifics regarding our specialized packing process that separates us from the rest.



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