Adcom GFA-565 Monoblocks - Fully Serviced With New Driver Boards and Original Boxes


If you're looking dive into the Adcom world, there's no better way than these 565 monoblocks. Audiophiles know what a killer amplifier these make, and they are becoming more and more collectible each year.

The GFA-565 was quite the amp in the 1990's, and the the successor to the top selling GFA-555 stereo amplifier. It produced 300W and cost half as much as the nearest competitor, hence the great selling record. 

Only problem is that most, if not all of them, will eventually fail from damaged driver boards caused by leaky capacitors.

The aftermarket responded by producing super high quality driver boards, which also received a few refinements to make the final package even better.

We went through the time, trouble, and expense of taking on such a project, and are pleased to present to you a fully restored and complete set of 565's including their original packaging!

Obviously they are in perfect working condition. Plus the cosmetics are also near perfect, with only the slightest signs of use.

Resulting power is at least 292W/channel before clipping.

Solid-state monoblock power amplifier

Rated power output: 300W into 8 ohms (24.8dBW), 450W into 4 ohms (23.5dBW), 850W into 2 ohms (23.3dBW), all 20Hz–20kHz at 0.02% THD
Frequency response: unspecified
Input impedance: 50k ohms
Input sensitivity: 2.15V for rated output
S/N (A-weighted, full output): greater than 106dB
Damping factor: >1000, 8 ohms, 20Hz–20kHz
Dynamic headroom (at 4 ohms): 1.6dB.
Dimensions: 17" W by 8.25" H by 11.5" D
Weight (shipping): 45 lbs.  

Adcom GFA-565 Manual

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