Acoustic Signature WOW XL Turntable With New Sumiko Cartridge


This is a *Minty* WOW XL 'table featuring:

• Brand New Sumiko Songbird MC (Moving-Coil) Phono Cartridge
Outboard Power Supply
TA-1000 Tonearm
Pushbutton 33/45 Speed Selector
Zavfino 1877 Phono Cable
Custom Acrylic Dust Cover
• SkyFi 11-Step Full Calibration and Testing Process for Cartridge ($400)

$6,300 MSRP including 'table, arm, cartridge, and dust cover (not to mention calibration).

From a "The Absolute Sound" review by Spencer Holbert"
The Wow XL is one solid piece of precision German engineering.

The plinth is a beveled design about the same thickness as the platter, though it is a combination of aluminum and wood (the wood is masked by the outer shell of the plinth). Three height-adjustable feet allow for easy leveling of the entire ’table.

The platter alone weighs fourteen pounds and is over one-and-a-half inches of solid aluminum; it could probably be used for home defense, if necessary.

Be ultra-careful as you slide the platter spindle into the bearing, as the fit is a bit snug. The heavy weight of the platter can easily pinch a finger, so make sure to drop it in while holding the outer circumference.

The bearing is Acoustic Signature’s “signature” Tidorfolon bearing, which is the same proprietary bearing design used in all AS turntables, including AS’s flagship Ascona turntable reviewed by Jonathan Valin back in 2012.

Luckily, you don’t need to spend $34k to benefit from the bearing technology employed in this ’table.

Drive unit:
Synchronous, electronically regulated internal motor

Tidorfolon proprietary bearing

10mm aluminum and 25mm wooden plinth

34mm solid aluminum

16″ x 6.5″ x 13″

35 lbs.



Original Box

Not Included


Online Only


Not Applicable


Yes - See Photos

Physical Condition

8 / 10

Working Condition

10 / 10

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