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Acoustic Revive Power Supply Conditioner RPC-1 (B)

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Acoustic Revive Power Supply Conditioner Rpc-1 (B)

Acoustic Revive Power Supply Conditioner RPC-1 (B)

SkyFi 479

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We've read about this piece before - but we've never actually seen one in person, let alone actually have two available for purchase!  It also originally sold for $2,300.

So what IS this?  And what exactly does it DO?  

From an excellent writeup from that says it best:

"The directions for use are to simply plug the RPC-1 into a wall or power strip outlet, and it will filter the in-wall AC to remove the high-frequency line noise before it can get into your hi-fi gear. Acoustic Revive says you can plug it into an outlet in a different room than your hi-fi gear is in and it will still have the same effect, as it filters all the AC on the same circuit in the house."

"When the RPC-1 was plugged into the main AC outlet I use to power my hi-fi electronics I found it exerted the greatest improvement."

"It was quite a revelation to hear my system after the high-frequency noise was removed by the Acoustic Revive RPC-1 Power Conditioner, it was as if the clouds in a grey sky lifted and let the sunlight shine in, and everything both musically & sonically improved by a significant margin.

The improvement in tone color, nuance, timbral & tonal subtleties, overall musicality, and particularly the sense of spaciousness in a recording, and the depth and layering in the soundstage, was rather remarkable."

"Acoustic Revive was founded by Mr. Ken Ishiguro to make ultra-quality high-performance audio products in 1996, making 2017 Acoustic Revive's 21st anniversary as a company.

Ishiguro-san is a talented and creative audio designer that develops and produces a wide range of specialty audio products that includes speaker cables & interconnects, AC power supply related products, personal computer & network audio products, loudspeaker stands, equipment vibration isolation devices, room tuning products, equipment tuning devices, EMF canceling & grounding devices, digital & analogue disk treatment devices, and ultra-quality connectors.

The subject of this article, the new Acoustic Revive RPC-1 Power Supply Conditioner, has already caused quite a stir in Japan, winning the 2016 MJ Technology of the Year Accessories Division Excellence Award, so I was very curious to hear what all the fuss was about!

The principle of operation of the RPC-1 Power Conditioner is based upon the research of ​​the late Mr. Jun Shibata. ​​Mr. Jun Shibata was the developer of the infrared mouse, and he found during his research that high-frequency noise on the AC line caused his prototype mice to malfunction.

Shibata-san developed a method to eliminate the high-frequency AC line noise that was causing the mice to malfunction, thus fixing the issue.

Shibata-san's high-frequency noise filtering method was based on using a capacitor, a resistor, a choke coil, etc., like a conventional noise filters do, but in addition to that he took the difference between two signals through sets of special coils, eliminating the high-frequency noise on the AC line without causing the deleterious effects that noise filters are sometimes known for.

The President of the HWT company, President Fukushima, inherited the intellectual property rights to this noise -cancelling technology through Shibata-san's will, and then developed it to sell as commercial noise elimination equipment for the industrial sector.

Mr. Ken Ishiguro was very impressed with the potential of Shibata-san's noise-cancelling technology for audio applications, and formed a collaboration between the HWT company and Acoustic Revive to develop an upgraded and more powerful version of what HWT sells to industrial clients, that is optimized specifically for high-performance audio use, and thus the Acoustic Revive RPC-1 Power Supply Conditioner was born."

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