Acoustic Research AR-10π Vintage Speakers, Restored and Sounding Amazing


Great looking and capable set of vintage "Pi" speakers from AR. Sorted and ready to be the star of your living room.

Super even-colored real wood veneer and perfect grills, and featuring panel mounted attenuator switches that allow you customize the "woofer environmental control (impedance) and for midrange and highrange level control". See specs below for a bit more detail.

We re-foamed the woofers and cleaned up the cabinets ensuring another 40 years of happy enjoyment in their new home.

In the listening room we were amazed by the amount of bass this moderately sized speaker can produce.

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More from Acoustic Research, Circa 1977:
The Acoustic Research 10π is a new speaker system from Acoustic Research that addresses itself to these considerations. Under actual listening conditions, the AR-10π delivers as flat an energy response as the state of the art permits. And it is able to maintain this response characteristic under a great variety of conditions of use. The result is a further significant improvement in the degree of realism with which music can be heard in the home.

The AR-10π - is designed to reproduce music in the home as accurately as the state of the art permits. Its ability in this respect represents a number of significant evolutionary improvements over previous designs. Further the AR-10π - is intended to offer an unprecedented degree of flexibility without any sacrifice in accuracy. The combination of these characteristic, we believe, represents a significant step forward in loudspeaker design.

The AR 10π is a no-compromise 3 way speaker system with excellent dispersion and even energy output all across the audible spectrum. A pair of 3 position switches allows the owner to adjust the mid and high-range drivers to the "liveliness" of the room while the 3-position woofer environmental control allows the owner to adjust the low-end response to speaker placement. This allows the owner to place the speakers on the center of the wall, on the floor against the wall or away from the wall.

Drive units:
300 mm (12 in.) acoustic suspension woofer

38 mm (1-1/2 in.) hemispherical dome midrange

19 mm (3/4 in.) hemispherical dome highrange

Crossover Frequencies:
525 Hz, 5000 Hz

Frequency Range:
27 Hz - 30 kHz

4Ω - 8Ω

9 watts

Three 3-position switches for woofer environmental control and for midrange and highrange level control

4 to 8Ω nominal, depending on switch positions, highest impedance in π and -6 dB switch positions, lowest in 4π and 0db

1 watt will produce 86 dB SPL on axis at 1 meter

Amplifier Power Requirement:
25 watts (into one speaker only) will produce 100 dB SPL in a 3000 cu π room of average reflectivity (energy absorption coefficient of 0,15), 50 watts (25 watts per channel) will produce 103 dB SPL in the same room

Power Handling Ability:
May be used with amplifiers capable of delivering up to 150 watts continuous power per channel being driven to clipping 10 % of the time, on normal music material source

Nominal Power Handing:
100 watts (max, 250)

Crossover Network:
Half-section LC network on each driver using air-core chokes and computer grade bi-polar electrolytic capacitors. Acoustic output of midrange and highrange drivers as well as the normalizing of woofer output for the three basic environments accomplished via an autotransformer and individual switching networks.

Driver Resonance Frequencies:
Woofer 18 Hz (free air), midrange 400 Hz, highrange 400 Hz

System Resonance Frequency:
42 Hz

System Low Frequency Response:
-3 db at 35 Hz

Effective System Q:

Flux Density:
Woofer 9800 gauss, midrange 13000 gauss, highrange 14000

Volume of Enclosure:
41.9 liters (1.48 cu. ft.)

Cabinet Dimensions - EACH:
13-15/16" x 25" x 10-3/4"

Weight - EACH:
55 lbs.



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