Forsell Air Reference Tangential Air Bearing Turntable - Super Rare


We're in the process of building this incredible and collectible turntable.

The plinth, drive, and tonearm are all finished and working perfectly. We're currently fabricating a custom enclosure to house all of the pumps and power supplies.

The cabinet is made out of aluminum and features acoustical dampening to silence the pumps. The power supplies are super high-grade units used to drive the motor.

This package will result in better than new performance.

The table itself is in wonderful condition with no visible scratches or issues. The black gloss acrylic finish is super clean.

The 24k gold plating on the tonearm is intact and looks stunning. The air bearings work smoothly, and the platter spins like what seems to be forever with the motor removed.

The table is numbered with a gold plaque stating it is # 54 / 115.

There is no phono cartridge included with this listing as a default, as most will want to supply their own for a table of this caliber.

You can also select from our in-house Sumiko lineup from the options within this listing, with their Palo Santos Presentation or Pearwood Celebration II being the best choice, followed by the Blackbird.

Lead time to completion is approximately 3 weeks.

Please click here for detailed specifics regarding our specialized packing process that separates us from the rest.



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Physical Condition


Working Condition


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