Stereo Concierge System of the Week - Featuring a SkyFi Exclusive Turntable

Here we have another custom SkyFi system created for one of our clients, in final testing before delivery.

Besides testing all pieces on our workbench to ensure they meet or exceed the original manufacturer specifications, we also spend time with each piece in our specially designed listening room to ensure stats & figures actually translate to good sound.

Utilizing our Stereo Concierge service, this client ordered a fully customized Thorens TD-124 vintage turntable for which he picked every component - including the types of wood, wood finish, tonearm, phono cartridge, connectors, and even the type of logo.  

This rustic two-tone natural finish is proving to be our most popular, and this may be the best looking custom 'table we've built to date.  

Other components include a McIntosh C-32 preamp in a wooden case with dual turntable inputs, and a current sixth (!) generation of the classic McIntosh MC-275 stereo tube amplifier (75W x 2).  

We're still hunting for the perfect speaker and perhaps some Acoustic Research AR-3's will fit the bill nicely, with optional matching color/style fabric grills available to best fit our client's space.

You can check out our current McIntosh pieces available for purchase including another McIntosh C-32 preamp by clicking here.

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