Balanced Audio Technology VK-250 Solid State Amplifier

$2,999 $5,000

Cosmetically this 250W amplifier looks brand new and will not disappoint even the pickiest buyers. There are no scratches, dings, or scuffs to speak of.

It’s also one of the best looking amplifiers I’ve seen.

The two tone aluminum fishing and interestingly shaped ventilation patterns and faceplate makes this look like it’s worth every penny.

This is a fully balanced design to the point that it doesn’t even have single ended inputs. If your preamp cannot support balanced XLR connections look elsewhere.

It has been fully tested in our test bench and then spent some time in our listening room powering a set of Martin Logan CLS’s which is no easy load. It performed wonderfully without even breaking a sweat.

We have the matching tube preamp as shown in one the pictures so be sure to write or call if you’re interested in the full set.

This listing is obviously just for the amplifier.

You will notice in the picture with the bottom cover removed that there are provisions for changing the voltage. I suspect it’s just a matter of moving the red wire, but you need to check with BAT to confirm.

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