We've always been a fan of idle drive turntables, most of which were manufactured in the 60s and 70s by European brands like Garrard, Lenco and Thorens. The challenge is that it takes a lot of effort to get one working to its full potential, and looking good enough to display in a well decorated living room. Most plinths from that era were sub standard and the tonearms were outdated. The drives have usually seen a lot of hours and are often in need of service and adjustments.

We source our plinths from Europe and take advantage of the skilled craftsmen and access to exotic veneers and finishes. Most of our plinths are made out of layers of high density boards stacked together and routed to accept a specific vintage drives. This results in a super dense and stable platform to mount the drive and arm on. They are finished in a plethora of exotic wood veneers, and sealed with a high gloss piano, or matte finish.

We also source our drives from Europe, where there is great access to both skilled technicians (capable of bringing them to original specifications), and to parts that are becoming increasingly difficult to locate.

Clients can purchase tonearms and cartridges from our inventory of both new and vintage reconditioned pieces, as we stock new pieces from Sumiko, Grado, ClearAudio and Miyajima. Alternatively, sometimes clients chose to provide their own favorite tonearm or cartridge.

We then add our final touches, including machined adjustable feet, perfectly matched to the look of the table, as well as sophisticated strobe light circuitry that allows us to use European platters and drives in the 120v 60Hz US market and removable power cord and high quality RCA jacks, which can allow you to chose your own favorite cables.

All of this adds up to classic, one of a kind, bespoke vintage turntable, capable of working and providing joy for another 60 years.

You can choose from one of our pre-designed and made tables (and even make slight adjustments), or purchase a full custom table crafted exactly to your liking in about 4 weeks.  Email info@skyfiaudio.com to get started today or click the link bellow to see the items we have in stock.