Velodyne MiniVee - Compact Powered Subwoofer With 1000W Amp!


Very capable sub from Velodyne particularly because of its diminutive size.

On the test bench we were crazy impressed how it pressurized our large warehouse space with full impactful bass!

Tested fully and working as it should throughout.

Standout Features:
• Acoustic suspension (sealed) enclosure
• 1,000-watt RMS amplifier (!)
• 8" front-firing Kevlar-reinforced resin driver
• Frequency response 28 Hz - 120 Hz (±3 dB)
• Continuously variable 40 Hz - 120 Hz low-pass crossover
• Stereo line-level input with crossover bypass switch
• Stereo line-level output with 80 Hz high-pass crossover
• Speaker-level inputs with binding post connectors
• 2-position phase control (0º and 180º)
• Volume control
• Auto-power on/off

10-3/8" W
10-3/4" H
12-3/4" D

35 lbs.

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Cadence Subwoofer Interconnect (RCA/WBT Connectors)



Original Box

Not Included


Online Only


Not Applicable


Yes - Power Only

Physical Condition

8 / 10

Working Condition

10 / 10

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