Nakamichi Dragon Tape Deck, MINTY


Working Dragons are becoming more and more difficult to find.

While legendary for the performance, they age over time and will eventually need service.

Servicing a tape deck of this complexity is particularly difficult, truly a labor of love. Just getting the mechanism out is a long endeavor!

We're lucky to have a stash of some original Nakamichi spare parts, enough to do a handful of decks over the past year. (Sorry we don't sell parts or offer repairs, click here if that's what you're looking for).

This particular unit received just that - a complete and through servicing plus lots of testing after the fact.

We replaced each and every consumable component in need.

Then the deck was cleaned, lubricated, demagnetized and fully tested for performance with *official* Nakamichi test equipment.

Overall physical condition is very good with very slight signs of use. We're super conservative with our ratings scale and while this is probably a candidate for a 9 out of 10, we rated it an 8 mainly due to age. And very very few items on our store are ever rated 9.

We do have an official Nakamichi wired remote available for an additional $500. Please let us know in your checkout notes if you'd like this added to your order and we'll send you a separate click and pay invoice.

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More from its dedicated Wikipedia entry:

The Nakamichi Dragon is an audio cassette deck that was introduced by Nakamichi in 1982 and marketed until 1994.

The Dragon was the first Nakamichi model with bidirectional replay capability and the world's first production tape recorder with an automatic azimuth correction system; this feature, which was invented by Philips engineers and improved by Niro Nakamichi, continuously adjusts the azimuth of the replay head to minimize apparent head skew and correctly reproduce the treble signal present on the tape.

The system allows the correct reproduction of mechanically skewed cassettes and recordings made on misaligned decks.

Apart from the Dragon, similar systems have only been used in the Nakamichi TD-1200 car cassette player and the Marantz SD-930 cassette deck.

At the time of its introduction, the Dragon had the lowest-ever wow and flutter and the highest-ever dynamic range, losing marginally to the former Nakamichi flagship the 1000ZXL in frequency response.

Competing models by Sony, Studer, Tandberg and TEAC that were introduced later in the 1980's sometimes surpassed the Dragon in mechanical quality and feature set but none could deliver the same mix of sound quality, flexibility and technological advancement.

The Dragon, despite inherent issues with long-term reliability, remained the highest point of compact cassette technology.



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