McIntosh L52 Wood Cabinet "New Old Stock" Boxed!


This cabinet appears to be new, and is fitted with the necessary sliding hardware and McIntosh panlocks.

It will fit the McIntosh MX110 Tube Preamp Tuner, along with other similarly sized McIntosh pieces.

Comes to you in its original New Old Stock (NOS) open box. 

We pulled the following - unconfirmed - compatibility list from the internet, but please do your own research to be absolutely sure this fits your gear.

Compatible McIntosh Pieces:
C22 / C26 / C27 / C28 / C29 / C30 / C31V / C32 / C33 / C34V / C35 / C36N / C37
MA230 / MA5100 / MA6100 / MA6200
MC2505 / MC2125
MCD7000 / MCD7005 / MCD7007
MI3 / MPI4
MR67 / MR68 / MR71 / MR73 / MR74 / MR75 / MR77 / MR78 / MR80 / MR7082 / MR7083

Depth: 13-5/8"
Width (Opening): 15-1/2"
Height (Opening): 4-7/8"

Please click here for detailed specifics regarding our specialized packing process that separates us from the rest.



Original Box



Not Applicable


Not Applicable


Not Applicable

Physical Condition

New Old Stock/New

Working Condition

New Old Stock/New

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