McIntosh MCD7008 Compact Disc Changer, Refurbished


This great MCD7008 arrived in our shop in overall very good cosmetic shape, but in need of a bit of TLC.

We replaced the laser with a fresh new one, and every single belt in the transport.

It is now operating like new and is likely to last another 20 years.

The 7008 actually uses the amazing and reliable changer transport from Nakamichi called the Music Bank. It stores the CD's in a cartridge inside the unit, much like a car CD changer.

It also gives you quick access to a primary slot, just like a regular CD player would.

Sound quality is typical McIntosh - impeccable.

Best of all it will ship in a brand new McIntosh double carton, the only way to ensure safe transport. Never ship one of these in anything other than that as it will result in disappointment. 

Please see the manual below (or our last photo) for full specifications:

McIntosh MCD7008 Compact Disc Changer - Manual

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More from McIntosh:

The Mclntosh MCD 7008 Compact Disc Changer offers the ultimate in features and performance.

The following information highlights what this CD changer can do for you.

1: You can operate the MCD 7008 as a single disc player.

2: You can store up to six discs inside the player, as well as a seventh disc used in single disc mode. These discs can be played in any of the following ways.

3L Play all the discs from start to finish automatically in the order that they were loaded into the player.

4; Play any of the discs by direct selection from either the front panel keyboard or the keyboard on the HR7008 hand held remote controller.

5: After selecting a disc, any track on the disc can be played by direct access on the front panel keyboard or hand held remote controller.

6: Select Random Play where the player will select discs and various tracks on the discs in a totally random order. Playback will continue until all tracks on all discs stored in the player have been
played. If only one disc is in the player, each track of that disc will be played in random order.

7: Select any number of tracks you wish to hear in any sequence, on any or all of the discs stored in the player. Enter this information into the player's memory. The selected tracks will then play in the order selected. As long as the discs are left in the player the memory is retained, even if the player is turned off.

8: Review which tracks were selected and stored in the memory, as well as the total time of the stored tracks.

9: Select repeat, and the player will play through each disc stored in the player and when finished, start playback again from disc number one and continue playback as long as desired.

10: Scan function causes the player to play only 10 seconds of the first track on each disc to reveal which discs have been loaded into the player.

11: Playback a 3 inch disc without need for an adapter. (Single disc mode only.)



Official McIntosh Box

Yes Included


Online Only


Yes Included


Yes - Power Only

Physical Condition

7 / 10

Working Condition

10 / 10

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